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LILC wins at the SW Energy Efficiency Awards 2023

On the 18th May 2023, LED Industrial Lighting Company Ltd attended the annual Energy Efficiency Awards SW 2023, held at Sandy Park in Exeter. LILC were nominated in the Small Projects (<£250,000) category for the Hazardous Area LED lighting at...

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How LED lighting can help businesses in the industrial sector save on their energy costs

Saving on energy costs is becoming a pressing issue for businesses across all industries - but especially the industrial sector due to the scale of the lighting, heating and cooling costs which can be involved. Luckily there is a simple solution...

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LED lights help make significant dent in UK energy demand

UK carbon emissions are falling, and have been for some time. These falling emissions levels can be attributed to many factors, but a large part is due to the continued reduction in energy demand. The UK has seen a reduction of 10% between 1990 and 2...

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