Minimise maintenance costs

The cost of maintenance

Energy saving is the most frequently quoted reason for changing to LED lighting. But reduced labour costs and more efficient use of maintenance teams is also a significant consideration.

In an industrial environment, maintenance cost savings can be a major driver in moving to LED lighting technology. The main cost components are:

Maintenance work in the industrial sector can be an expensive business as labour and lift hire charges, coupled with machine downtime, often prove to be complicated and costly outlays.

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Consider changing to LEDs

With many of the best LED luminaires boasting product lives in excess of 150,000hrs, businesses with high maintenance costs should be seriously considering a change to LED lighting.

What company would not want to forget about maintenance cost for over 17 years of continuous usage!

Zero maintenance

Zero maintenance is often talked about in reference to LEDs, but this is only the case for the better quality products on the market.

Annual inspection and cleaning

We always recommend an annual inspection and luminaire clean, as this will prolong the life of the light and often improve the quality of light (especially in more harsh environments).