How LED lighting can help businesses in the industrial sector save on their energy costs

07 Oct

Saving on energy costs is becoming a pressing issue for businesses across all
industries – but especially the industrial sector due to the scale of the lighting,
heating and cooling costs which can be involved.

Luckily there is a simple solution out there which can save your business a
significant amount of money in one easy move: LED lighting.

Lighting can account for anywhere from a quarter to half of your energy costs.
Switching your lighting over to LED lighting can save you and your business a
huge amount on your energy costs, and it’s simple and affordable to set up.

LED lighting uses less energy

The main way in which LED lighting could save your business money is through its
energy efficiency. More traditional filament light bulbs produce a lot of heat along
with the light, which needlessly uses a lot of additional energy – as much as 70%
of the energy used to power traditional light bulbs is wasted on generating heat
and not light.

The technology in LED lighting bypasses the process which creates heat, meaning
that your energy costs for lighting could be reduced by up to 70%.

LED lighting lasts longer

LED lights can last up to 150,000 hours. If used for 24 hours a day, that would mean
your lighting would last for just over 17 years and many of our LEDs come with a full ten-year warranty to give you peace of mind.

The fact that LEDs have such a long product life means that you will not only save
money on your energy costs, but also on maintenance costs and replacement

LED lighting promotes productivity

Good lighting has been proven to boost energy, mood and productivity in a
workforce. Improving the light quality for your workers also promotes safer

LED lighting also has the added bonus of turning on (as well as off) instantly, with
no warm-up time required. Avoiding the ten minutes spent in half darkness whilst
you wait for the lights to fully come on can help start the day off in a more active
and positive way.

A more productive workforce paired with much lower energy costs means a
significant boost to your profits.


At LED Industrial Lighting we work closely with you to find the perfect LED lighting
solution for your business. We offer free consultations to help you find exactly
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decade of experience to good use.

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