LED Light Quality

Create a brighter, safer and more productive workspace

Effective lighting is critical for workplace safety and productivity. But many workplaces still use fluorescent and incandescent bulbs. With their dull light output and tendency to flicker, these contribute to eye strain, headaches and workplace accidents, as well as a generally unpleasant working environment.

LED lighting, on the other hand, provides a bright but soft glow that emulates natural light. By replacing your bulbs with LED lights, you can:


LED colour temperature

LED manufacturers refer to the colour of light as the ‘colour temperature’. This colour is measured on the Kelvin temperature scale.

Typically, LED lighting is available at 3,000K, 4,000K and 5,000K. Most UK industrial lighting applications opt for 5,000K, which matches the colour temperature of the midday sun. This helps to energise employees and provides plenty of light for them to see clearly.

The table below depicts the range of colour temperatures for common scenarios.


led light quality


LEDs have the potential to significantly reduce the frequency of accidents related to the maintenance, operation and repair of lighting systems because the long life of LEDs would enable an exposure reduction to the associated hazards.”

National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health

Ensure uniformity and consistency

To achieve the best results from switching to LED lighting, it’s important to maintain uniformity and consistency in colour temperature and light output. Our lighting designs ensure the same lighting results across your entire facility, giving your workers the clearest, softest and most energising environment.

Improve safety and sustainability

LED lighting offers the ideal colour for alertness and perception, and improves visibility of potential hazards. This helps your employees avoid accidents and injuries in the workplace, ensuring a healthy and productive workforce and protecting you against compensation claims. The long life of LED bulbs also helps prevent maintenance hazards such as electrocution and falls from height.