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A specialist independent LED lighting consultancy and specifier focused on the industrial and commercial sectors

Reduce lighting costs by up to 70%


10 Year Warranty

Many of the LED luminaires that we supply come with a full 10 year warranty from reputable UK, European and US manufacturers

Site Surveys

We’ll begin by providing a free consultation. Then, if requires we’ll carry out a site survey, which will allow us to assess your complete lighting requirements. We will then provide independent advice, product specification, lighting design and a quotation for your facility.

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Case Studies - Industry Applications

Our lighting solutions are robust, cutting edge and suitable for businesses operating in various industries. LED lighting is both cost-effective and long-lasting compared with alternative lighting options, so is quickly becoming the go-to for companies in the industrial sector. Below, we’ve added some case studies from various companies that have benefited from our services.

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From companies with off-the-wall growth to local businesses, teams love the LED Industrial Lighting Company. Here are some of our satisfied clients:

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