LED lights help make significant dent in UK energy demand

28 Jan

UK carbon emissions are falling, and have been for some time. These falling emissions levels can be attributed to many factors, but a large part is due to the continued reduction in energy demand. The UK has seen a reduction of 10% between 1990 and 2014, with the peak demand being reached in 2005. It has been falling ever since. There are several known contributory factors to the decline in UK electricity generation to the lowest levels since 1994. They include installation of insulation materials, improvements in efficiency, uptake in renewables, and changes to the structure of the economy.

LED Lighting contributions

New analysis of the government figures by the environmental analysis website, Carbon Brief, shows that LED lighting is making a significant contribution to the collective drop in demand. Studies show making products more efficient has along with other factors, been slightly more effective than renewable energy in cutting CO2 emissions.
So, installing a single LED bulb, whilst trivial on its own, may collectively help reduce demand by millions of megawatt hours if millions were to choose LEDs.

The good news story is not restricted to households. Industry has seen major investment in LED technology, leading to huge improvements in energy efficiency. Many supporters of energy efficiency argue that improving product efficiency standards for everything from cars to lighting and refrigeration, offers the best value carbon reductions without the pain of confronting the public with restrictions on their lifestyle choices.

In an interview with the BBC, Carbon Brief said, “Although the picture is complex, it’s clear that energy efficiency has played a role in helping the UK to decarbonise – and I don’t think it’s got the recognition is deserves”. For example, low-energy light bulbs can cut electricity use by up to 90%, whilst the modern “white goods” can use up to 75% less electricity than the older models.

LED Industrial Lighting – how are we helping?

LED Industrial Lighting Co. Ltd is contributing to the UK’s energy efficiency programmes, by specifying our wide range of LED High Bays, floodlights and linear products across a range of clients. With projects in manufacturing, food industry, ports and airports, offices and car parks and hazardous area environments, we help many of the large energy consumers reduce their CO2 emissions and energy consumption.