LED lighting surveying, financing assistance and installation services

Lower costs and boost productivity with full-service LED lighting consultancy

At LED Industrial Lighting, we help industrial and commercial businesses reduce energy and maintenance costs, improve working conditions and achieve compliance with comprehensive surveying, financing assistance and installation. Our independent LED lighting consultancy is based on over 10 years of industry experience, meaning you always receive clear, well-informed advice and services at a competitive rate.

Main services

Surveying and reporting

When you contact us about switching to LED lighting, we start by providing a free consultation and site survey to assess your lighting requirements. Then, we send you a report that details which LED lights are the most suitable and how much you stand to save.

As an independent LED lighting consultancy, we’re not tied to any manufacturer. That means you get reliable, unbiased recommendations and advice based on the latest developments in the lighting industry. With our support, you can make the highest possible savings and create a happier, healthier and more profitable workplace.

Financing assistance

The consultants at LED Industrial Lighting aim to find you the best lighting options at the lowest prices. But depending on the size of your facility, replacing your existing light fixtures can be a big investment. That’s why we help you apply for and receive loans and grants that make LED lighting easy to afford without worrying about the repayments.

Supply and installation

Our expert technicians design, supply and install your new LED lights quickly, safely and effectively so that you can enjoy the benefits as soon as possible. That includes providing a certification service that verifies your compliance with all UK legal requirements, including those for emergency lighting. We use a wide range of highly efficient LED lights from leading UK, US and European manufacturers, so we can always find the right option for your business premises.

Want to know more?

Whether you have a few questions or you’re ready to make the switch, our friendly customer service team is here to help. Contact us online or call 01242 250633 today and we’ll help you replace your existing lights with energy-efficient, low-cost LED alternatives.

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