LILC wins at the SW Energy Efficiency Awards 2023

On the 18th May 2023, LED Industrial Lighting Company Ltd attended the annual Energy Efficiency Awards SW 2023, held at Sandy Park in Exeter. LILC were nominated in the Small Projects (<£250,000) category for the Hazardous Area LED ...

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What is the energy price cap – and what does it mean for bills?

Ofgem explains that the energy price cap limits the amount energy companies can charge customers who are on default tariffs, including standard variable rate (SVR) ones. The cap limit has been hiked up since 1st April 2019.

What's happening to t...

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LILC “Commended” at Energy Efficiency Awards for South West

Energy Efficiency Awards South West 2019

Following the success at the Regional Energy Efficiency Awards in the North East, LED Industrial Lighting Co. Ltd have pulled off a second success in the space of just 1 month... At the recent EEA So...

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LED Industrial Lighting – 2nd place at Regional Energy Efficiency Awards 2019

Regional Energy Efficiency Awards 2019 - East Midlands Small Project

LED Industrial Lighting Company Ltd (LILC) scooped the runners up prize at the recent EEA 2019 awards, held at the Radisson Blu hotel at East Midlands Airport. The Small Sc...

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LED lighting for greenhouses

LEDs are shaping “the Third Green Revolution”

Vertical Farming – fad or future?

Vertical farming in the UK is growing in importance. It is the practice of producing crops and medicinal plants in stacked layers. Typically, these will be in an indoor environment, such as a skyscraper, ...

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OCIP has a new name and corporate identity

Back in 2008, LEDs were at the early stage of adoption. The technology was mainly focused in the residential market, with some commercial applications. It was a time when Ocip...

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Why making an LED is like baking a pizza

LED lighting and other electronics have been revolutionised by the elements Gallium and Indium. These are versatile soft metals that sit above one another on the periodic table and have unique properties that have been harnessed to develop semi-condu...

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