Case Studies - Retail Brown’s London Florists

Curve spotlight fitting from Projection lighting

Florist Lighting

Brown’s London are a florists located in Canary Wharf who have recently purchased some spotlights from The LED Industrial Lighting Co. (formerly OCIP Energy Ltd) for their shop.

The primary reason for changing their previous halogen lamps was to save energy and therefore money. The old lights used 50 watts of energy per fitting.

We chose the Curve spotlight fitting from Projection lighting for the florists which only use 17 watts of energy per lamp. By replacing the nine lights with the LED spotlights the florists have saved approximately £120 per year on their energy bill.

Retail <span>Brown’s London Florists</span>

Excellent Colour Rendition

The lights chosen have 98% colour rendition which means that they render colours as near to natural as possible. The flowers can therefore be displayed in a much better light.


No Heat Generation

Another benefit of the LED lights is that they have no UV and do not generate any heat. Flowers like to be in cool temperatures and the heat of the old halogen lamps was causing them to age prematurely.

So as well as saving money on electricity bills, the LED lights have helped the shop prolong the life of the flowers.