Case Studies - Warehousing Distribution Centre for Retail Client

LED High Bay lighting solution for Regional Distribution Centre

Over 350 Dialight LED High Bays installed at this 132,000m2 Regional Distribution Centre (RDC) for a major global retailer.

At the time of build, this RDC was the largest facility of its kind in the world with a total pallet capacity of 270,000. The site was installed with 400W SON High Bays throughout the warehouse space, which offered a poor orange light at around an average of 150 lux.

The LED replacement project pitted two of the major LED manufacturers against one another to ascertain reliability, durability, cost savings and lifespan of the products.

During 2012 several different designs were compiled to model the LED luminaires, with a number of critical changes being applied, not least the average lux requirement increasing from 150 to 200 across the RDC runways.

Warehousing <span>Distribution Centre for Retail Client</span>

Improving the lux values across the RDC

The client viewed the re-lamping exercise as an opportunity to increase and improve the lux values across the RDC, albeit the LED design required only the surrounding runways and loading bays to be covered with the new luminaires.

The main racking areas retain the original 400W SON fittings, which will likely be changed in the coming years. The image above clearly demonstrates the differences in the quality of the light between the LED and Sodium fittings.

10 Year full performance warranty

The final design saw the largest deployment of Dialight 25,000 lumen High Bays in the UK. These luminaires had the added benefit of a 10 year full performance warranty, offering the client improved lighting, lower energy costs and peace of mind that their RDC was covered by the warranty of a UK plc.

By the nature of the work, many of the RDC staff work in an environment where there is virtually no natural daylight. The new LEDs have provided the staff with a noticeable improvement in working conditions thanks to the vastly improved quality of light.


Original fittings:                                  LED fittings:

357 x 400W SON                                 357 x 250W Dialight LED High Bay

Mounting Height: 11.5 m