Case Studies - Marine Bristol Port Company

LED solution for hostile industrial environments

Dialight LED High Bays, deployed in the most hostile of industrial environments, help to reduce energy costs and improve the working environment for this major UK port.

Bristol Port Company approached The LED Industrial Lighting Co (formerly known as Ocip Energy Ltd) to request assistance and advice in designing the lighting at their new biomass storage facility at Avonmouth.

Designing the right solution

As the main agents for Dialight Europe and having successfully deployed Dialight LED High Bays at the Bristol Port Workshop, a design was progressed using a number of LED High Bay solutions.

Lead consultant, Aidan Brown, was able to guide the port management to reference sites like Forth Ports where similar installations have been successfully deployed. The critical issue debated being whether the biomass store required ATEX Safesite luminaires or standard IP66/67 products.


Marine <span>Bristol Port Company</span>

10 year full performance warranty plus £9000 cost saving

Following extensive consultations internally at Bristol, with Forth Ports and with the main contractor, the Bristol Port management ordered the Dialight 17,000 lumen, 172W LED High Bay fittings. These were installed along with the latest LED 126lm/W floodlights which were located on the external walls of the biomass storage facility. Both LED luminaires come with a 10 year full performance warranty from a UK plc.

The initial design for the facility was for 400W SON High Bays, so the change to the 172W LED High Bays resulted in an energy saving of around 65% and annual cost savings of approximately £9,000.

The use of the LED fittings also allows the lights to be turned on/off at the flick of a switch. Since the facility is used at irregular intervals, the lights can be turned off when not required.

Furthermore, all the Dialight products are manufactured using marine grade copper-free aluminium and are designed for these hostile marine environments. With the storage facility literally 40m from the dockside it was important that the lights are able to withstand the saline conditions whilst offering superb light quality.

Dialight’s superior build quality and UK manufacturing base offers Bristol Port Company peace of mind that their investment is protected from the extreme marine conditions.


LED fittings: 75 x 172W Dialight LED High Bay
Mounting height: 10 metres
Location: New biomass store, Avonmouth, UK