OCIP has a new name and corporate identity

26 Oct

Back in 2008, LEDs were at the early stage of adoption. The technology was mainly focused in the residential market, with some commercial applications. It was a time when Ocip Energy was at the forefront of efforts to develop the industrial sector, a time when the LED technology was evolving at a significant rate, yet the market penetration was very low.

Move ahead ten years and LEDs have changed the entire lighting market.

They are now in every walk of life, every appliance – they have taken over in almost all aspects of modern life, from car headlights, aviation lights, floodlights, residential lighting, through to factory lighting, emergency and hazardous area lighting.

Ocip Energy is also changing with the market. With our track record in the industrial sector, it is the right time to strengthen our brand, focus on our core expertise and recognise our position as one of, if not the leading LED consultancy for industrial lighting solutions in the UK.

To that end, Ocip Energy is changing its name to The LED Industrial Lighting Company. The new company name makes a strong and simple statement on what we do. As the famous advert once stated, β€œIt does what it says on the tin!”

Along with our new name, we have a new corporate identity featuring a strong logo which will help position ourselves as the leading provider of advice and solutions in the industrial LED arena.

For more information or to request a meeting call Aidan Brown on 01242 250633 or email: info@ledindustriallighting.co.uk