Case Studies - Marine Bristol Port Company – Vehicle Workshop

LED High Bay lighting keeps the wheels turning

In selecting Dialight LED High Bay lighting for their main vehicle workshop, the Bristol Port Company has taken the first steps to convert obsolete lighting fittings to the latest high efficiency technology in an extreme working environment.

Bristol Port Company operates across both Avonmouth and Royal Portbury Dock on a 2600 acre site. The site has a 24 hour operation and regular maintenance of their fleet of vehicles is essential.

Furthermore, the saline coastal environment has a corrosive effect on the vehicles and machinery. As a consequence, the vehicle workshop is critical to the continuous and safe running of the port operations.  The decision to replace the lighting in the workshop was a logical and fairly straightforward one due to its importance to the Bristol Port Company.

Marine <span>Bristol Port Company – Vehicle Workshop</span>

A solution designed for the harshest of conditions

Given the tough dockside environment, it was essential that the new fittings were fit for purpose. The Dialight Durosite luminaires meet these rigorous requirements being marine grade copper free aluminium and designed for the harshest conditions.

In addition, the mechanics within the workshop demand high illuminance and through the 14,000 lumen High Bay, The LED Industrial Lighting Co was able to deliver uniform lighting in excess of 300 lux.

This was aided by strategically sited LED 70W Area lights to provide specific task lighting.

The project also encompassed replacing the external lighting around the building and the vehicle wash area. Once again the use of the IP66 rated LED floodlighting provides a significant saving in maintenance and energy costs against the original 400W SONs and 150W Halogen floodlights.

Significant energy consumption reduction

The LED High Bays have reduced the energy consumption on site by 73,578 KWh per annum and from an ethical perspective, the UK manufactured LEDs are now saving 38.26tones of CO2.

Bristol Port Company takes its responsibility for the environment seriously. It has been credited with “thinking globally and acting locally”, and the movement towards energy saving products such as the Dialight fittings, will continue to keep the Company focused but offer substantial savings to the business.


Original fittings:                                                LED fittings:

28 x 400W SON                                   28 x 162W  HBGC4P-EUH

10 x 150W Halogen Floods                  4 x HB7C4M-EUH

4 x 400W SON Floods                          9 x 70W STW8N2N-EU