Case Studies - Architectural Holy Trinity, Wantage

Church refurbishment programme

Holy Trinity is a Victorian church in the Charlton area of Wantage and part of the Anglian Diocese of Oxford. As part of a refurbishment programme being managed by Weaver Khan Architects, The LED Industrial Lighting Company (formerly Ocip Energy) was asked to develop a new lighting scheme.

The parish were seeking to modernise the space and create a multi-functional environment which would appeal to many different groups within the vicinity. The existing space and layout followed very traditional decoration and dark wood floors/furniture.

Architectural <span>Holy Trinity, Wantage</span>

Creating a modern low maintenance, bright environment

The architects designed a kitchen extension, improved toilet facilities and re-ordered the layout. The brief for The LED Industrial Lighting Company was detailed and included the following:

  • Removal of the existing high consumption halogen lamps
  • Create a uniform level of light for adequate reading (hymn books etc. at seating level).
  • Illumination of the interior roof structure to create a feeling of volume
  • There would be a need for ‘direction lighting’, illuminating key items/objects such as the communion table, organ etc.
  • The lighting is to have a uniform hue. Perhaps slightly warm light but not too much as the building already has a rich colour.
  • The lighting should be low maintenance.
  • The scheme should be cost effective to both install and run.
  • The lighting should be ‘banked’ or ‘zoned’ so that different moods can be created for the various types of events to be held. These may range from church services, special services (Christmas carols etc.), building user events i.e. crèche, playgroups etc.

Following extensive consultation with the church, the architects and LED manufacturers, a design was submitted for parish and subsequently faculty approval. Approvals were received in July 2017 and a contractor awarded to carry out the installation.

Hacel LED lighting range solution with zone and mood control

The lighting scheme used the Hacel LED lighting range, with Soledo LED downlights, Manta spotlights, Solos pendant lights and emergency luminaires. These products were combined with an HTC scene setting control system to allow the church to create specific zoning and mood lighting, depending on the event taking place in the church. Individual spotlights highlight the magnificent timber ceiling and key areas such as the altar, lectern and choir.

The resulting scheme demonstrates how modern lighting can transform a rather old-fashioned and dark environment, into a bright, flexible and dynamic space. The parish are delighted with the results and the building is now enjoyed by a wide range of community entities, recreational groups and clubs.